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One of my biggest passions is building authentic relationships. My biggest dread? Participating in a webinar that is cheesy, salesy, and fails to deliver value and real connection.

I am a Webinar & Virtual Training Consultant who has been developing and delivering webinars and virtual training over the last 15 years for Fortune 500 companies and for several start-ups. I’m also an author for LinkedIn Learning.

My unique blend of experience is in webinar presentation, virtual learning, in-person instruction, instructional design, corporate training, knowledge management and technical writing. As the original webinar presenter, trainer and technical writer for GoToWebinar and GoToTraining, I  delivered over 1,000 webinars, reaching 30,000-plus customers.  This inspired me to develop highly interactive learning experiences for customers and my colleagues dubbed me “the webinar guru.”

I have been a speaker at conferences such as the National Association of Women Business Owners, Women’s Economic Ventures and SALT New Learning Technologies. I have also served on the Board of Directors for the Association for Talent Development Los Angeles. Since 2017, I have been providing webinar consulting for LogMeIn’s GoToWebinar and GoToTraining customers.

Through my consulting company, YourWebinarGuru, my services help both coaches and consultants with online business, and organizations.

Coaches and Consultants

  • Help you grow your coaching business and build strong client relationships with workshop webinars.
  • Teach you the skills to gain financial freedom with VIP online group training programs.
  • Help you successfully move your in-person training and seminars to a virtual platform that will probably be even better than your face-to-face event.
  • Support you in delivering professional webinar events and virtual workshops.


  • Help your customers onboard quickly, gain confidence, and help you reduce your support calls.
  • Teach your in-house and customer-facing trainers the skillset to provide best-in-class virtual training.
  • Free up your time with professional webinar production.
  • Easily navigate and support your start-up and SaaS environment.
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