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Corena Bahr is a webinar expert, speaker, and trainer who helps experts at corporations and global firms deliver world-class webinars for client outreach and customer success.

Ms. Bahr has been developing, delivering, and training other smart people how to deliver engaging, interactive webinars and virtual training for fifteen years. In 2005, she left her successful career in training and development to join Citrix Online, back in the days before GoToWebinar even existed. When the company launched GoToWebinar in 2006 and GoToTraining in 2010, Ms. Bahr served as the original training content developer and webinar presenter for both platforms, delivering more than 1,000 highly interactive webinars reaching more than 30,000 customers.

Through this experience, Ms. Bahr became known as “The Webinar Guru.”

Ms. Bahr’s expertise includes webinar presentation, content development, teaching in a virtual environment, in-person instruction, corporate training, knowledge management, and technical writing. She has worked for Fortune 500 companies and multiple tech start-ups. In addition, her work respects cultural awareness and inclusivity. She trains experts to consider factors like: what their audience looks like, valuing and representing diversity, and the business culture of the country where their webinar or training will be experienced.

She is the author of GoToMeeting 2016 Essential Training for LinkedIn Learning, which has 41,000 views, and continues to provide webinar consulting for LogMeIn’s GoToWebinar and GoToTraining customers. A lively and engaging speaker, Ms. Bahr has presented at conferences for the National Association of Women Business Owners, Women’s Economic Ventures, and SALT New Learning Technologies, among others.

Ms. Bahr is fluent in German and currently lives in Santa Barbara, California. She is an avid photographer, spends part of her year in Munich, and has a fondness for cupcakes.

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