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Connect With Your People

If cheesy or sales-pitchy webinars make you cringe, you’re in the right place.

There’s a better way to grow your business without selling your soul in the process.

You can create real relationships and repeat clients with webinars that teach. When you teach, you are connecting with your people so you earn their trust and motivate them to purchase your products and services. I teach coaches and consultants how to create unique workshop webinars that are true to their authentic selves, deliver high value, and organically turn their participants into clients!

Gain Financial Freedom

Have you been wondering how to make your coaching business more scalable?

There IS a way to make more money and work less hours.

Ditch the limiting belief that you have to work like a crazy person in order to increase your income. Providing VIP online group training lets you reach more people while maximizing your time…and income. I teach coaches and consultants how to create professional online group courses using instructional design and virtual training techniques so they can charge top dollar for their programs.

I’m Here to Help You

Through my professional workshops and coaching programs, I will teach you:

  • A unique approach to webinars so that you get to focus on what you do naturally: teaching and empowering others
  • How to create valuable webinar content that your audience will love
  • Ways to showcase your expertise with ease and your own personal style
  • How to repurpose your webinars to add to your content library and create passive income

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Calling All Gurus!

The word “guru” in sanskrit means teacher. It also means expert. As a coach, you’re an expert in your field, and by the very nature of your business, you’re also a teacher.

I’m calling all gurus to join me in my movement in gaining clients through empowerment, authenticity and relationship. And we’ll do it with webinars that teach.

I’ve been delivering webinars and virtual training for 15 years with Fortune 500 companies and have reached over 30,000 participants. My unique approach stems from my background in instructional design and my love for empowering others through teaching. This is an organic way to build strong relationships and inspire your people to know, like and trust you.

You owe it to yourself and your business to showcase the expert that you are AND have fun doing it! When your webinar audience has a unique and interactive experience, they will more naturally want to connect with you and ultimately become your next client.

I will teach you how.

Corena Bahr | Owner
Webinar & Virtual Training Consultant

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