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Whether you’re experts are providing education for business development or onboarding new customers, you want them to provide a memorable, interactive experience to build a relationship with their virtual audience and engage in better follow-up conversations.

This can be challenging on a virtual platform.

How do they best organize and present their content so it’s interesting and memorable? How do they connect with an audience when they can’t even see them? How do they use the technology effectively to create good interaction?

So whether your people need to build client relationships through webinars, or they need to educate in a virtual environment, this is where Corena Bahr can help.


Corena has developed a unique approach to delivering exceptional webinars that will help:

Structure content so it’s
educational and interactive


Develop smart use of webinar
‘bells and whistles’ in the
service of company goals

Create a human connection
with a virtual audience

Deliver a world-class experience

New self-paced course coming in 2023!

Corena Bahr


Corena Bahr is a webinar consultant and trainer with over 15 years of experience in webinar presentations, webinar production, and virtual training. She helps other experts at corporations and global firms deliver world-class webinars for client outreach and customer success. Corena provides custom training in webinar delivery and content design, virtual learning, and using the best of webinar technology.

As she likes to say, “Anyone can do a webinar. But it takes a special skill set to build a relationship in a virtual setting.” It’s her job to make sure experts add this unique know-how to their professional toolkit.

Corena provides virtual group training across the globe, and also consults with individuals.

Some organizations Corena has helped:

How can Corena help
your organization?

The first step is to have a conversation.
Schedule a 30-minute Discovery Call
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