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Ramp up your employees’ virtual training skills with my course “Advanced Techniques in Virtual Training.” In this 2 session program, I teach your teams online (of course!) to model real-life scenarios, as well as ensure cost-effectiveness to your organization. We’ll use the webinar or virtual training platform of your choice. This course is great for anyone touching virtual training and presentation, and can be customized to your needs.

Training Outcomes

  • Review the challenges of engagement when training or presenting via webinar.
  • Outline creative techniques that can stimulate interaction and increase engagement before during and after a webinar training.
  • Identify in-person presentation techniques that can be transformed to fit the virtual environment.
  • Utilize elements of the flipped learning model to maximize in-session time.
  • Illustrate best practices in managing the webinar to ensure attention and engagement during your session.
  • Apply techniques to an existing or new course as determined by each participant.
  • Receive feedback and support on virtual training challenges.


This interactive training includes a mix of lecture, discussion, reflection, group problem-solving exercises and consulting. Participants are given a brief pre-course assignment in advance of the workshop. They will also have an assignment in between sessions 1 and 2 and each participant will give a short presentation to apply concepts learned in session 1.

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Corena completely transformed our online training. We designed new exercises for our core skills, and even turned our talky, lecture material into student-centered inquiry. The feedback from our signature course went from “good information to know,” to “I’m using the skills every day with great results.” I will use what I learned from Corena over and over again.

— Lisa Gates, CPCC | Consultant, Trainer, Coach | She Negotiates

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