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Thumbs Up For My Work

I had the pleasure of working with Corena Bahr of YourWebinarGuru on a webinar for a client. She made the entire process as simple and straightforward as it could possibly be. Even though I’m a veteran of dozens of webinars, she made sure that everything was working correctly and that I understood all the parts that I needed to handle throughout the presentation. Her in-depth knowledge of the webinar platform gave me great confidence that she could handle any glitches that might arise. And her relaxed humor made it fun to work with her. The event went off without any problems, and the client was thrilled with the result. I would jump at the chance to work with Corena again.

Ameravant Web Studio recently hired Corena Bahr at YourWebinarGuru. She was involved at every step needed for us to produce a successful webinar, from planning the script, to creating the PowerPoint, to planning strategies to keep our audience engaged. As a result of our successful webinar, we were able to gain 6 new clients.

This workshop was great! Corena did a fabulous job using the medium as the message to show us how to make an engaging and fruitful webinar. I walked away with some great tips that I will definitely see myself implementing.

Excellent Corena.  You covered a lot of detail in an organized way and I can actually get something done I couldn't have done before the webinar.  That's the sign of an effective experience.  I appreciate your generosity.

I was relieved not to be exposed to any hype like ‘you can make 6-figures in one evening.’ I liked that you focused on teaching teachers.  All in all, I feel you educated us professionally with empathy, knowledge, and useful information. I understand the work and time I have to put into producing a great webinar. Thank you very much! You are the webinarguru!

For years I have attended webinars, on how to develop them, and other business advice.  In my mind, was "someday." I now realize my biggest reluctance: I never had a sense of someone with a similar style to mine, of grounded calm and interpersonal engagement. Finally, I have a model from which to deliver my heart-felt dream of helping women. Thank you.

Thank you for such an easy to understand webinar. Very fun interacting with everyone and experiencing a good webinar vs. some other not-so-great ones I have attended. The three steps to plan and execute a webinar were simple and easy to understand.

Corena provided interactive training in “Best Practices in General Business Writing Skills” for our internal team members in the Customer Success and Billing Services departments. At the end of every session, I love hearing how much our employees have enjoyed the training and the hands-on activity Corena has provided. It is great for me to see attendees immediately utilizing this information in improving their written communication skills.

We recently moved our online meeting and webinar provision to Citrix Online. Corena had presented a fabulous training item on the subject of advanced recording using GoToWebinar which was absolutely fantastic and I applied many of the tips later the same day. Corena's style was professional and easy to understand, and I have no hesitation in recommending Corena's work in this area.

Corena graciously agreed to help me learn best practices and platforms for doing virtual training and webinars. She has a wealth of information and experience in this area is a go-to expert for any of your questions around virtual training. She coached me and helped me with my first virtual program for ATD’s Rocky Mountain Chapter in 2015. Corena served as the speaker/presenter and created an excellent interactive session. Her session now serves as a best practice model for me as I move forward with additional 2015 virtual programs. I can’t thank Corena enough for her professional and immeasurable help. She is truly the webinar guru.

Corena completely transformed our online training. We designed new exercises for our core skills, and even turned our talky, lecture material into student-centered inquiry. The feedback from our signature course went from “good information to know,” to “I’m using the skills every day with great results.” I will use what I learned from Corena over and over again.



She Negotiates


Lisa Gates, co-founder of She Negotiates, wanted to expand the reach of her service offering by providing one of her courses virtually. She wanted this virtual negotiation training to be as powerful as her in-person training. Having participated in countless dismally produced webinars, she didn’t want to follow the herd. The in-person course is anywhere from a half day to a full day workshop. When done in person, participants usually are paired up to work on activities and role play.


We reviewed the entire course and made recommendations based on instructional design principles that updated the sequencing of the modules and modified the activities to keep participants engaged and have them practice just like they would in a classroom. We broke up the course into a series of four sessions. This allowed the participants to work on self-paced activities in between sessions and also gave them time to absorb the concepts before moving on to the next modules. YourWebinarGuru hosted and moderated each session so that Lisa could focus on instruction. The sessions were recorded and provided to participants in case they missed the virtual class time or wanted to review the information. We also recommended offering an add-on to the price of the course: For $100 more, participants could get a 90-minute one-on-one coaching session with Lisa after the course was completed.


Lisa’s courses are always filled with about 20 participants. She charges around $395-$495 per person. A participant from one of her courses who was dubious about the value of yet another online course said, “This is absolutely the best, most interactive remote learning experience I’ve had to date.” Lisa writes, “The results have been spectacular. Corena is patient, thorough, creative, and direct. She knows her stuff. The great bonus is that she’s also hilarious, and a true joy to work with. Best business building investment I’ve made yet.”




Michael Kramer, President of Ameravant web design studio, was doing in-person meetings with prospects around town, teaching them best practices in SEO. Ameravant wanted to expand their reach by offering the session virtually to attract more prospects and to have a recording that could be placed on their website. The in-person meetings included real-time site analysis of the participants’ websites. They had never done a webinar before and weren’t sure where to even start.


Since this was a free informational webinar, YourWebinarGuru took the presentation and produced it to the next level; something that could be experienced as a training rather than a “sit and watch” webinar. The content was tightened up to create a flow and consistency. Participants were asked in the registration form if they wanted their site analyzed; this way the analysis could take place prior to the webinar, but in-session it appeared as if it were in real-time. Participants were pleasantly surprised when their websites were showcased. In addition to hosting and moderation, YourWebinarGuru provided project management so that Michael and his team could focus on their small business.


Michael writes, “Ameravant Web Studio recently hired Corena Bahr at YourWebinarGuru. She was involved at every step needed for us to produce a successful webinar, from planning the script, to creating the PowerPoint, to planning strategies to keep our audience engaged. As a result of our successful webinar, we were able to gain 6 new clients.“ View the webinar here.

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