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5 Steps to Turn Your Expertise into Profitable Webinar Courses

Many independent coaches, consultants and other service professionals are joining the ranks in growing their business through webinar courses. There is a lot of talk out on the web that webinars are easy. Just subscribe to webinar software, put a slide deck together, get people to register, and off you go, right? Um, no. There is a huge difference between a one-way marketing webinar and an interactive virtual learning experience that makes people want to implement what they’ve learned, be successful and become your biggest fan. A webinar course done well will appear effortless to your learners, fully engage them, and should inspire them to hire you for more.

As an expert in your field, you know your stuff like the back of your hand, but how do you successfully translate what you know into a product like online workshops? Where do you even start? Most marketing webinars have a team of people behind them. There are many moving parts. Now add in a training component and you’re looking at what’s hidden below the tip of that iceberg. This is why it’s critical for you to follow a solid template to build, plan, deliver and differentiate your webinar so prospects understand your unique service offering and have an excellent virtual learning experience.

The following 5 steps offer a road map for turning your expertise into a profitable webinar course.

Step 1: Review your unique point of view and methodology

What is unique about your particular expertise? When you work one-on-one with clients, what methods do you use and how can you turn that methodology into a template? This becomes the foundation of your webinar course or webinar series.

Step 2: Create your webinar course outline and build it out

Generally speaking, you will first identify the final performance, or outcomes, learners should be able to exhibit at the end of your training. Work backwards from there to identify each step, whether it’s understanding a concept or completing an exercise to solidify the learning. These steps become your units (or topics).

Step 3: Translate your course to fit a virtual training environment

Once you’ve developed your course outline, including interactive activities – workbook, role plays, self-reflection, group problem-solving, tests, sharing keyboard/mouse, software exercises – you’ll  want to figure out the webinar platform that provides the features that will support the translation of those activities into the virtual environment. This will take some creativity and brain-storming, but it can be done!

Step 4: Plan your webinar event

Planning the webinar event takes some coordination, so don’t leave it to the last minute! You’ll want to consider tasks such as creating a registration landing page, deciding how much to charge for your training, promoting your webinar course at least 3 weeks in advance, creating a social media marketing strategy, building an email campaign for your email subscribers, learning the webinar platform, and performing at least one dry run.

Step 5: Perfect your webinar delivery

Delivering a webinar course requires a healthy ability to multi-task. You need to get comfortable with managing the software, teaching to multiple skill levels, interacting with students on the fly (and who you often can’t see), and remaining calm during technical difficulties. You may want to consider hiring a webinar producer to start until you learn the ropes and build your skill set.

The Bottom Line

When you engage in teaching others, you allow yourself to be seen. This creates authenticity and does the selling for you. By offering webinar courses as a product,  you create a unique opportunity for people to connect with you and build a relationship based on trust.

And how about an easy way to add income to your bottom line? A professionally produced webinar training series can be offered at anywhere from $99-$1,500. If you get just 20 people into your course…well, you do the math. In addition, the recordings of your webinar courses can be turned into self-paced video tutorials creating yet another revenue stream.

As you implement your webinar course strategy plan, you develop a valuable path for prospects to know, like and trust you. And that is the key to building a successful business.

Good luck!

Corena Bahr is a webinar developer and producer determined to end the average webinar snoozefest. Through her consulting company, YourWebinarGuru, she teaches how to transform one-way marketing webinars into two-way interactive learning experiences that deliver value, build relationships and add income.


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