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How to Reinforce Learning After Your Webinar Course

webinar training_7 ways to reinforce learningYou’ve just spent 60-75 minutes providing valuable learning through your webinar course. The question then becomes: Will learners use  what they learned? And now that you don’t have their immediate attention, how can you reinforce the learning?

One way is to make use of social media. After your training, you now probably have several new “friends,” followers and contacts. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Groups are easy and fun tools to continue to engage the participants and “check in” to make sure key concepts are reinforced. If you’re training within your organization, you too have several new fans, but you most likely operate within company policies around privacy and social media during work hours. For that scenario, I recommend using something like Yammer or any other intranet/internal social networking program your organization might use.

How and when you engage through social media should be part of your webinar strategy plan. Be sure to consider which social media channel best suits your audience. At the end of your training, let participants know you will be continuing the learning, and where they can engage with you.

Another way to reinforce learning after your webinar course is to create a short webinar “check-in” at a later time or schedule follow-up phone consultations.

Post a contest, take a poll, or ask a question on Facebook or LinkedIn

Add an image to capture attention and simply post a follow-up question related to the training. You can also link to other media (news articles, videos etc.) with content related to your training and invite learners to comment on it. A contest prize might include bragging rights or a small gift card.

Write a series of related blog posts and invite comments

These can be short blog posts reinforcing key concepts. Invite learners to share experiences or learning since the training. Or as mentioned above, link to other media (news articles, videos etc.) with content related to your training and invite learners to comment on it.

Prepare a series of relevant tweets on Twitter

Twitter is a timing thing, so you will probably have to post often. If you know any participant Twitter handles (use the registration form to capture these!), be sure to mention various participants in each tweet.

Create a 30-minute follow-up webinar

As part of the training, include a short follow-up webinar 30-60 days after the session. Let participants know you will use this check-in to get their feedback on how they’ve used what they learned, discuss any challenges and share successes.

Schedule follow-up phone consultations

If you provide consulting services, I recommend scheduling short follow-up calls with participants. Put the registration form to good use by asking for expectations, challenges, goals or other probing questions that will help you personalize the learning for each person, especially during the follow-up consultation.

Yammer for organizations

Yammer is an enterprise-wide social networking tool. If your organization happens to use this, or something like it, you can easily take a poll, post a question, create a contest or link to other media for comment – just like Facebook.

How do YOU follow-up and reinforce learning after your webinar?

Comment below or share your ideas to our Facebook page.

Happy training!

Corena Bahr is a webinar course consultant and producer determined to end the boring, disengaging webinar snoozefest. Through her consulting company, YourWebinarGuru, she teaches professionals how to turn their expertise into profitable and interactive webinar courses.

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