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The Difference Between GoToTraining and GoToWebinar

If you’re confused about whether you should use GoToWebinar or GoToTraining for your next webinar, it really depends on your goal…especially how much interaction you want to create both in and out of the live session. In this article, I’ve outlined some of the differences between these two tools to help you decide.

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GoToWebinar was originally designed as a marketing tool. The features within the software are specific to helping marketers understand, and connect with, their prospects. Engagement tools are targeted at gaining that insight. Still, many trainers and coaches latched onto this technology when it first came out as an easy way to bring training to remote learners. GoToWebinar is conducive to presenting information in a more formal fashion to large groups with limited interaction. Features you can use for training:

Registration: Create custom questions to get to know your learners before they join the session.

Panelist: The panelist role is unique to GoToWebinar. It’s essentially a guest speaker role. This role can present (screen share) but cannot manage the session.

Polling: Use as a way to check for understanding, introduce a concept, or gain insight into the change in learning (somewhat like testing).


Draw Tools: Give one or more participants the ability to draw on the screen using pen or marker.

Q&A: Similar to chat although learners can’t see each other’s questions, and the interface is quite robust for organizing formal Q&A. Great for large training groups if you have another organizer to help manage it.


Audio: Ability to unmute audio lines for verbal interaction.

Survey: Get feedback to improve future training.


GoToTraining turns up the engagement by several notches. Additional in- and out-of-session features make it more conducive to a training environment. The ability to provide pre-course materials helps you maximize the learning process so you’re not limited to just the live session. GoToTraining includes Registration, Polling, Draw Tools, Evaulation and Audio capabilities. Add to that:

eCommerce: Enables you to collect payment for your training event.

Materials Library: Upload and store files, links, and GoToTraining recordings. Make them accessible before, during and after the training.


Catalog: Create an entire course catalog. Great for your training series.

Testing: Create tests and make them accessible before, during and after the training. In-session, you can review results with learners.


Timer: Use for games, breaks, testing, etc.

Presenter Role: Make any attendee a presenter (screen share).

Chat: An informal way for your learners to communicate with you and other attendees.

Keep in mind that it’s important to design your course first – for the learner – before deciding on the webinar tool. Review the features above and see how creative you can get using them.

Good luck!

Corena Bahr is a webinar developer and producer determined to end the average webinar snoozefest. Through her consulting company, YourWebinarGuru, she teaches how to transform one-way marketing webinars into two-way interactive learning experiences that deliver value, build relationships and add income.

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