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Over the last 10 years, I have produced and delivered more than 1,000 professional webinars and reached over 30,000 participants. This experience has helped me shape a solid and practical approach to webinar production.

For small businesses looking to outsource their webinar events, my webinar production packages give you excellence in planning and project management so you can focus on your business. My production services ensure best practices, expert guidance, and give you peace of mind throughout the webinar process. You handle the promotion, I’ll manage the rest!

Packages include event consultation, project management, rehearsal, and webinar moderation and support.

What You’ll Get

    • Event consultation to identify goals and to develop a plan that keeps you on track.
    • Project management from concept to delivery so you can focus on your business.
    • Professional support to work with your guest speaker and other third parties to ensure your webinar is a success.
    • Recommendations on creative techniques and use of webinar features to keep your audience engaged and connected.
    • Webinar platform hosting (up to 49 people) or assistance with setting up the webinar on the platform of your choice.
    • Event moderation to give you peace of mind and enable you, or your guest speaker, to focus on presenting.
Yes, please!

Schedule a 30 Minute Discovery Call

Ameravant Web Studio recently hired Corena Bahr, at She was involved at every step needed for us to produce a successful Webinar, from planning the script, to creating the PowerPoint, to planning strategies to keep our audience engaged. As a result of our successful Webinar, we were able to gain 6 new clients.

— Michael Kramer, President | Ameravant Web Studio

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