Want to make your webinars stand out from the crowd?

Do hypey, sales-pitchy webinars make you cringe?
Are you passionate about sharing your knowledge through teaching?
Are you ready to create highly interactive webinars that turn your audience into clients?

If yes, then you are in the right place! I’ve started a movement to change the way people deliver and experience webinars and I’d love for you to join me! I want to help you showcase the expert that you truly are and deliver webinars that build quality relationships with your people. 

Discover the 5 elements to a webinar your audience will love!

This guide is designed to give you insight into a unique approach to webinars that will help you reach your audience in a way that is authentic, fun, natural to what you already do as a coach or consultant, and organically turns your prospects into clients.

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This workshop was great! Corena did a fabulous job using the medium as the message to show us how to make an engaging and fruitful webinar. I walked away with some great tips that I will definitely see myself implementing.

C. Hernandez

Excellent Corena.  You covered a lot of detail in an organized way and I can actually get something done I couldn’t have done before the webinar.  That’s the sign of an effective experience.  I appreciate your generosity.

J. Sloan

I was relieved not to be exposed to any hype like ‘you can make 6-figures in one evening.’ I liked that you focused on teaching teachers.  All in all, I feel you educated us professionally with empathy, knowledge, and useful information. I understand the work and time I have to put into producing a great webinar. Thank you very much! You are the webinarguru!

L. DesLauriers

For years I have attended webinars, on how to develop them, and other business advice.  In my mind, was “someday.” I now realize my biggest reluctance: I never had a sense of someone with a similar style to mine, of grounded calm and interpersonal engagement. Finally, I have a model from which to deliver my heart-felt dream of helping women. Thank you.

S. Burke

Thank you for such an easy to understand webinar. Very fun interacting with everyone and experiencing a good webinar vs. some other not-so-great ones I have attended. The three steps to plan and execute a webinar were simple and easy to understand.

C. Pintori